Management and property support at Waterside House

Waterside House

Having never owned a multi-tenented commercial property before, Howarth Homes required a buildings manager to take on the day to day management of Waterside House. Having been recommended to Howarth Homes, they contact us to support them with the set up and ongoing management of their new commercial property. From initial contact we had agreed our working terms, surveyed the project, signed contracts and commenced work within four weeks.

The previous owners had a facilities company that ran the building and contractors.  Our first step was to audit any existing contracts and gain a knowledge of what had previously taken place in terms of services to the building. It transpired that the service had been fully inclusive from cleaning to HVAC however, the quality of the services being provided was pitiful. No servicing had taken place to the lifts and HVAC, no statutory compliance had taken place, and there were no records of any electrical (PAT) testing.

Our first step was to end all contracts with the unsatisfactory service providers and then go through an exercise of sourcing new suppliers and setting up new contracts and service providers for the building. We invited three companies to tender for each of the required services which included:

  • Interior cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Refuge
  • HVAC
  • Fire
  • Emergency lighting
  • Lift maintenance

Once we were satisfied that the short listed companies could provided the relevant services at the required standard, we presented these options to Howarth Homes who chose the final service providers. Once this decision was made, we then set up a working service charge and started managing the building on a day to day basis.

In the meantime we started work on resurrecting the building that had suffered due to years of neglect and unsatisfactory servicing. This involved ensuring the property met health and safety and fire regulations.

Since taking on the management of Waterside House, we have continued to build strong relationships with the landlords. Samantha Iredale, Office Manager at Waterside House says:

“We were looking for a Managing Agent for our newly acquired building in December 2016. Simon Willmott from Willmott Property Support was highly recommended to us.  After meeting Simon, he was appointed in January 2017 to manage our building and has completely taken control of all the services for the building.  

The building was taken over with a minimal amount of information and Simon has worked hard to get control of all the services on behalf of the Landlord and current Tenants.

It is running extremely smoothly thanks to Simon’s professional and excellent service.  We have recently renewed his contract to continue working with us this year.”

We hare now in the process of taking on the management of additional properties for Howarth Homes including Aspects – a block of modern flats  in Watford and Reflections of Hemel.