Risk Assessments

Welcome to Willmott Property Support Ltd – we are specialists for Health & Safety and Fire risk assessment. As part of the most current legislation regarding business premises, the law makes assessments a compulsory requirement.

Willmott Property Support Ltd is your one stop shop for all Statutory Compliance elements.

Our dedicated team will conduct your risk assessment professionally and efficiently

All organisations with 5 or more staff, are the owner/manager/landlord of, commercial multi occupied offices, Residential flats with common areas, a HMO with communal areas, or have the public visit your premises,- you are required to carry out written health & safety risk assessment and a detailed fire risk assessment to identify risks and hazards in the premises. … Identify people at risk. Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks. Record your findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide training.

Undertaking the assessment itself can be a very complex, demanding and laborious task and the detail required is intricate and exhaustive.

Here at Willmott Property Support Ltd, we provide fully trained and highly experienced operatives to conduct the assessment for you in an efficient, swift and professional manner. When you call upon our assistance, you can be confident that a thorough assessment has been completed which meets all Health and Safety regulations and fulfills your exacting legal and contractual obligations.

Once the risk assessment is finished, our dedicated team can advise you on any remedial action which should be taken based on the results gathered. Our comprehensive fire safety service includes the supply, installation and maintenance of a huge variety of fire safety equipment, and we can follow up your risk assessment with any one of these tasks. So for complete fire safety management that you can rely on,

Health & Safety

Risk Assessment is a Legal Requirement

Essential to keeping your employees safe and well is the assessment and management of risk in the workplace. Risk assessment is a legal requirement and forms the cornerstone for all your occupational health and safety.

Willmott Property Support Ltd’s approach to this is practical, enabling and effective. We use a sensible approach to identifying the risks and workplace hazards to which your business may be vulnerable and work with you to protect, educate and advise your business in the future.


Our Fire Risk Assessments will be appropriate for assessing the Fire Risk in all relevant premises, ranging from the smallest and simplest, to the largest and most complex.
A compliant Fire Risk Assessment will not only indicate appropriate Management procedures it will show due diligence.
The findings of the Fire Risk Assessment should also feature within the Health & Safety Risk Assessment for the Premise