Fire Alarm Servicing & Testing

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Periodic Inspection

Willmott Property Support Ltd offer the following services:

Weekly Fire alarm testing
Fire alarm servicing
Fire alarm callouts
Fire alarm monitoring

Servicing is undertaken every six months in accordance with British Standard 5839. These tests require specialised equipment and knowledge and are carried out by a competent person. Arrangements for these inspections and records of visits are recorded in the Fire Log Book or retained in electronic format by the Building Manager.

Maintaining the system: what is involved?

No matter how technologically advanced a fire detection and fire alarm system might be with state-of-the-art self-monitoring and automatic fault detection features, there will always be the need for human observation and intervention to ensure its continuous smooth running and optimum performance.

There are three main reasons for routine maintenance and testing:

  • To identify any faults signaled and take the appropriate action to rectify them
  • To ensure there have been no major failures of the system, either as a whole or in part
  • To familiarise occupants of the building with the fire alarm signal(s)

As such, it is important for the premises management to institute a schedule of system testing, which can be sub-divided into weekly, monthly and annual routines.
Weekly routine

The Standard makes five detailed recommendations in respect of weekly testing by the user which in summary are:

  • The operation of a manual call point during normal working hours
  • This test to be carried out at approximately the same time each week
  • Additional tests to be made at least once a month for any employees not usually present during the normal weekly test
  • In systems with multiple manual call points, a different one to be tested each week, so that all are eventually included in the schedule of testing over a period of time
  • The routine test time should not normally exceed one minute, so that the occupants of the premises can learn to distinguish between this weekly alarm and an actual fire alarm

The Standard applies two detailed recommendations for monthly testing by the user which can be summarised as follows:

  • If the standby power supply to the system includes an automatically started emergency generator, this should be tested monthly
  • If the standby power supply is provided by vented batteries, these should be inspected visually

Over and above the weekly and monthly test routines, it is important for regular inspection and servicing of the system to be carried out., in order to identify and rectify any faults, including false alarm problems, and also to ensure that any changes made to the actual fabric of the building, e.g. extensions, alterations or remedial work, that might have been made in the meantime have not affected the system in any way, either through damage to any of its elements or by impacting on the level of protection it offers. Changes in use and / or occupancy levels of a building can also have a detrimental effect on the protection offered by existing fire protection and fire alarm systems so any such factors must also be taken into consideration during the inspection process. The recommended period between successive inspection and servicing visits should not exceed six months.